Extreme Park Cernica is the ideal location if you are looking to plan an adventurous and fun weekend.

The adventure trails we offer are equipped for brave people of all ages. We guarantee you maximum security and reliable equipment designed to protect you.

Whether you want to spend a family weekend in the park or plan a corporate event, Extreme Park Cernica offers you 9 trails available according to age and degree of difficulty:

Extreme Park Cernica offers you a variety of activities designed to awaken your spirit of adventure and thirst for adrenaline.

The zip-line course is the perfect activity for the brave of heart. Only at Extreme Park Cernica you have the opportunity to cross Lake Cernica at 800 meters “in flight”. We are proud to have the longest zip-line course in Romania and we guarantee that you will have a truly unique experience.

Un weekend petrecut cu familia in cadrul parcului te ajuta sa scapi de monotonia cotidiana si vei fi cucerit de momentele minunate petrecute impreuna. 

Archery, the art of using a bow to shoot arrows at a target, is one of the oldest precision sports practiced today. Its origins date back to prehistoric times when the bow and arrow were used to hunt animals. If you want to know for a day what it takes to be an archer, come to Extreme Park Cernica. Archery is a perfect activity for parties, barbecues, fun family activities or company outings.

If you are looking for a fun and diverse adventure park, suitable for all family members, Extreme Park Cernica is the ideal destination.

A weekend spent with your family in the park helps you get rid of everyday stress, filling you with excitement by the wonderful moments spent together. Our facilities and activities are suitable for all ages and are carried out in complete safety.

The word picnic is not just a reference to food, but to the creation of memories and experiences in good company. Whether you want a traditional barbecue or a daytime adventure, we offer you an interactive environment that suits any occasion.